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I’m still here!

Oops. Big gap, there. I had a couple months of nearly constant ferocious migraines. Back in September I raised my dose of sub-q Remodulin because my PAH is worsening, and one of the (many) side effects is migraines… But the headaches have finally calmed down now, knock on wood. I need to raise my dose again because I’m still sliding downhill, but I’m gonna wait till after Thanksgiving.

I got a nifty little iphone app called Migraine Buddy which helps you track your headaches, triggers, sleep, symptoms, pain location, etc. It’s really friendly and useful, and I recommend it if you are a migraine sufferer too.

Thanks to a twitter thread about women in podcasting, I discovered a fantastic new podcast: Here’s the episode I started with:

When you’re feeling unwell, what’s the book you read to make yourself feel better? And why does it work?
Clinical psychologist Jane Gregory explains why she sometimes prescribes novel-reading to her patients; and academic Guy Cuthbertson tells how post-WW1 Britain was soothed by Agatha Christie’s murder mysteries.

After listening to that one, I went back to the first episode and have almost caught up to the present day. I love love love Helen’s style. My other two favorite podcasts ( and usually come in at about an hour per episode (the longer the better, if you ask me) but The Allusionist usually comes in at around 15 minutes — so give it a try if you want something short and brainy!

That’s enough for now — more soon. I’ll tell you about the things I’ve been sewing, knitting, reading, and watching! :)

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  1. Gina

    I do hope that you get to feeling better soon. Those podcasts also look interesting. Look forward to more of your readings, as well as blog updates, but take care of yourself first.

  2. Gillian

    Thanks for the tip about migraine buddy. I’ve just downloaded it and will give it a go. I hope that you are managing to control your symptoms – back to back migraines are absolutely horrendous!

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