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Em’s quilt

I finished Em’s quilt!

She chose this pack of 10″ flannel squares from my stash (“Lil’ Sprouts” from, and she decided she wanted big plain squares with a scalloped border. We laid out all the squares on the floor and she arranged them to her taste. She also sewed some of the seams! (Em will be 6 in June). I quilted a big flower in each square and rainbow shapes around the edge. The border is flannel from JoAnn’s. Cotton batting.

Remodulin update: one minor migraine last weekend, several episodes of Hot Face (so uncomfortable, feels like my face will burst into flames), painful knees, nausea, extra fatigue, weird temperature issues — I feel way too hot or way too cold almost all the time. Quite tolerable!

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  1. Suzan

    Another work of art. It could not be more perfect for Emma. Thanks for the tabouli suggestion too. I love it, and I also love mint which grows all over the place in Willow.

  2. Kristine

    I’m making your tabouli for dinner tonight! Your quilts are amazing and your audio stories a pleasure to listen to. Thank you!

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