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June update

Hello, I’m still here. Thank you for all the kind comments!!

I had a 14-day migraine that ended about two weeks ago, and then 2-day migraine that ended yesterday. UGH. But in between I was able to make several things, and we celebrated Em’s 6th birthday, for which Henry, Jayla, and Lulu were here! It was amazing to get to see them for a few hours and now I am itching to visit them as soon as the side effects settle down and I am in between nasty medical appointments.

Things I made:

A bias-cut apron and a sewing kit for Em’s birthday. The apron is a pattern I copied from a friend’s apron many long years ago. I had a green one that Em loved to wear until it fell apart from age, so I made her a beautiful new one. I added rick-rack to the edges to make it prettier, and I lined to so that it should last her for years and years. It’s adult-size, with an adjustable neck strap. Sewing kit is an old cookie tin with a drawstring top attached. I filled it with a tape measure, a pincushion, a pair of scissors just for fabric, and six fat quarters of calico so she has some fabric that she can use without asking permission.

Also, we had a couple of blistering hot days so I made myself two light cotton robes using the “Suki Robe” pattern from Helen’s Closet. Her patterns are sooooooo good. I used an alternative neckband, and added lined patch pockets. I only had two yards of the green seersucker and had to get creative, so it has a muslin hem-extender and extra-wide sleeve bands. I LOVE these robes!!

Also I finished Lulu’s quilt in time for them to take it home with them after their little visit! I quilted daisy chains all over it, with a nice loopy border.

AND! During the 14-day migraine I had some mornings when I felt well enough to sew for an hour, so I did some work on Kathy’s quilt. All I need to do now is add the borders, baste, quilt, and bind. :)

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  1. audio reading fan

    Hello Mrs. Shallenberg. I am a fan of your readings. I am sorry that you are not feeling well and i pray that you get well soon and read more books :). Your voice and reading style is heartwarmig and i enjoy it specially your yorkshire accent in secret garden. I learned an accent on top of learning english. Thanks again!

  2. Suzan

    Creativity personified. Wow, Kara, each item is a gem. I love you.

  3. Kelsey

    Aloha! I just wanted to thank you! I have loved listening to your voice on librivox for quite a while, and recently listened to your Trumpet of the Swan. Thank you for sharing that talent with the world!

    And I very recently found this blog of yours. I have read bits and pieces of the last few posts and looked at your beautiful quilts. I wanted to say thank you for being an inspiration for me. I don’t know you personally but I can feel of your goodness and strength as you are traveling this difficult life. What you said about putting your time into what will last (ie, the quilts) made me stop to think. I want to also put my time into what will last-which for me is my relationship with my still small children.

    I hope this comment made sense. I just wanted to express to you what a wonderful example you have been in how you are facing your current trial. I don’t know if you are Christian, but to me you are setting a wonderful Christ-like example.

  4. audio reading fan

    I also enjoy reading and seeing your different quilting projects! They are full of creativity :) God bless

  5. Wendy McDonnell

    Hi Kara, Me and mine have been listening to your books for many years now. I am going through Dracula right now and meant to write you last time but didn’t. So here I am.

    Your adorable I just scrolled through your blog and I had to stop and write you. I too was an avid quilter, I too am very sick and I am a knit wear design and Indie Dyer. Most recently I’ve fallen into cross stitch. Please write me as I’d love to be friends.

  6. Kathy Thile

    You’re amazing. I love you. I hope you know that. xxoo

  7. Amy Beer

    I check on you from time to time, and now I’m worried because you haven’t posted since this. I hope things are not too terrible. I listen to the Junie B. stories when I’m feeling really down. Have you listened to Adrian Praetzellis’ recording of The Wind in the Willows? It’s wonderful. You would love it. Oh and my new dog, not so new any more, is named Henry. He knows your voice too. xxxxxx

  8. Judy S

    Hello Kara. I listened to The Secret Garden on Librivox a couple of years ago, and noodled my way over to your blog. i check it out from time to time to see how you are doing. Your quilts are beautiful and I am glad you are able do this thing that brings you joy.

  9. Winding way

    Just wanted you to know we’re praying for you!

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