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I’m still here

Hi guys, thanks for checking on me. I’m still here :) I’ve had a string of rough days, doctor appointments, and total exhaustion, but I did manage to finish Kathy’s quilt and Dan’s quilt, and start one for Susan.

Here are some pretty pictures:

Kathy’s quilt, based on the Garden Star Quilt tutorial from MSCQ

Dan’s quilt (the blue is not so electric in real life), based on the Grayscale Quilt tutorial from cluckclucksew

And the very beginning of Susan’s, based on the Summer Breeze tutorial from Jordan Fabrics

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5 Responses to “I’m still here”

  1. Suzan

    I think you with all my heart for this stunning gift. And all the others that you have given us. Chloe and I were just talking about the foundation you gave her when she as about Ginny’s age. I’m trying, with Ginny, to emphasize good books and good fun, as you did with my Chloe. We are so grateful! And now, we have Chernobyl to all wonder at! Enjoy your darlings, Henry, Jayla and LuLu.

  2. Hugh

    Just listening to your Treasure Islan, another gift, to help with insomnia….

  3. Cassie H

    My 7 year old son and I have been listening and enjoying your recordings of Just So Stories. You’re very popular with the Ambleside Online moms. :-) And you quilt too! Just wanted to thank you for your lovely recordings.

  4. Laura Fernando

    Oh my goodness – just read on the AO FB page that you were quite ill and since, in your words in an earlier post, you’ll be gone by 2020, I just want you know to know what you mean to our family. Our kids refer to you as a trusted friend, and say things like, “I’ll have Kara read it to me.” You have been a lovely companion to our homeschool journey. Many prayers for a peace-full, joy-filled, pain-less journey. You will continue to bless our family for many years, I’m sure …

  5. Jennifer D

    Your quilts are lovely! I’m just another homeschooling mom, popping in to say thank you for your wonderful audiobook recordings. You have touched our lives in a beautiful way, and we are grateful for you. :)

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