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Happy August

Hi guys, it’s August and I’m still alive, yay! :) Thank you all so much for the sweet comments and emails. They cheer me up when I re-read them on bad days.

Let’s see here… what’s new. Last weekend I went to a Featherweight maintenance workshop put on by Dave of
Of course I already knew how to oil and grease my machine because I am Research Girl, but I also learned many other things, including how to clean out the bobbin casing and how to install a new belt — both of which were much-needed. My beautiful Featherweight is running smoother than ever! It was fun to be in a room with eleven other Featherweights, from the early 1930s to the mid 1960s. I believe mine was the only inherited Featherweight — all the others had been bought from collectors or thrift stores.

Healthwise, I am much the same. Every activity is exhausting and I spend most of my time in bed, but I can still get up and sew or read to Em on good days! We’re working our way through the Mary Poppins series. I’ll have recordings to share with you sometime soon.

Kirsten showed me a wonderful soothing game called Merge Dragons and I am obsessed. It has entertained me though several Tired Days recently.

Here are the things I’ve made recently:

Three Suki Robes,
two of cotton and one of a silk saree that I bought on etsy for $15! I live in these robes, over tanks and tees in the daytime and over nothing at all at night. I have serious temperature regulation issues and these robes let me adjust my warmth level by tiny increments.

Also made a couple pairs of undies (pattern is Bunte Punkte Panty from Klimpergross) and a couple of comfy tank dresses based on the Kirei Cami pattern. With POCKETS. The blue dress has badgers all over it!

And quilts, of course.

This one is the free “Summer Breeze” pattern, for Susan and Jack. Just finished it and am ready to mail it away. I made it slightly larger than the pattern shows.

I invented a pattern for my nephew John and his partner Kim, owners of a massive succulent and cactus collection. I was inspired by their Instagram photos of their cacti in bloom. :) This one is basted and ready to quilt, but I’m still considering how best to quilt it.

Oh, I also made a little quilted needle book. Pattern is by RetroMama on Etsy

And a couple of shopping bags made of leftover/practice quilt parts :)

Right now I’m piecing a quilt for my brother, so you can look forward to photos of that one next time.

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  1. Suzan

    You are a joy, a blessing, and it’s always a big smile here when you say “ I’m still here!”. Of course, you are always here in my heart my dearest one.

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