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Iowa and Illinois

I slept long and well last night as we traveled through the eastern half of Colorado and all of Nebraska. I woke up this morning in beautiful snowy Iowa! Sorry no pics here yet — I’ll sort that out when I get to Willow and have stable internet and not so much to look at out the windows. If you follow me on instagram you can see all the low-res instas I have grammed during my journey! I’m karashallenberg there.

I took a break from looking out my window in order to type this because my window is covered in gobs of snow and the air is white! It is already serious winter in the midwest and it’s only Halloween. Is that normal or did winter start early and fierce this year?

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  1. Gillian

    Wow! That sounds like an amazing experience! I love travelling long distance by train – it’s so much more interesting and relaxing than flying. I find it turns the “getting there” into a real part of the holiday in itself. I’m looking forward to your updates with photos

  2. Veronica Jenkins

    Snow to this extent on Halloween is unprecedented. Towns postponed trick or treating due to the predicted snow. We had 4 inches. By the next day it was gone. Crazy.

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