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I’m home!

I’m home from my big adventure. The homeward journey was uneventful and pleasant. Tony, my sleeping car attendant, took good care of me, I ate well, I slept well, I watched America roll by. Wonderful. I’m sorting and uploading photos now so I should have a good big Photo Post one day soon, and I’m also planning a big post of tips for traveling by Amtrak!

Now I’ll fill you in on the wonderfulness of my stay in New York.

Not only did I get to spend a day with my cousin Jon, but my dear Aunt Susan and Uncle Jack invited my sister Kathy (who lives in Kentucky) and my brother Ken (who lives in NYC) to come visit me too!

Jon went home Sunday morning, and then Kathy arrived on Sunday night (after a bit of a kerfluffle over an expired drivers’ license at the rent-a-car place led to a very long Uber ride) I hadn’t seen her in years, maybe not since Dad died in 2005. We sat in cozy companionship and knitted socks and talked about our bizarre childhoods — and then Monday afternoon Ken arrived on the bus from NYC! I hadn’t seen him since 2005 either. It was the most amazing treat to get to sit quietly with the two of them and catch up and just be together. They have always been the best elder siblings in the whole wide world (8 and 10 years older than me). Kathy left on Tuesday morning and Ken left Tuesday evening, and then I started my return journey on Wednesday afternoon.

In the evenings when Jack and Susan were home, we ate the wonderful dinners that Jack cooked and watched Jeopardy with Susan (it’s her martini). I introduced everyone to Only Connect, a super-nerdy, fiendishly difficult BBC quiz show which we Americans can watch on youtube thanks to youtube user Wheelsongenius who uploads every episode after it airs! I don’t know why the BBC lets her do this but I’m so grateful.

Things I want to remember: Susan’s stories: the couch, the rotting piano, Jon’s birth. Susan and friend having a cello and clarinet rehearsal on Sunday morning. Jack being his wonderful calm, creative, interesting self. Enthusing about Bach with Jon. Sheep may Safely Graze — worst earworm ever. The salmon that Jack cooked perfectly. “That’s not tea, it’s lasagna” (Kathy) The trickling toilet, which I helpfully reminded everyone to jiggle by removing the top of the tank, which then crashed to the tile floor and broke into smithereens. Sleeping on the world’s most comfortable mattress (Serta Perfect Sleeper) in Chloe’s old room. The minor flood caused by a very enthusiastic humidifier. Hating and loving people on Survivor with Susan and doing The Puz with her! Remembering childhood freedom-filled summers with Jon playing in the dirt, the croquet-ball track, the algae-filled swimming pool, Archie comics, our audiotape of made-up commercials (Jon! If you really still have it please digitize it!) The gratifying compliment that my siblings and I are easy, low-impact, non-demanding houseguests :)

Special thanks to my dear mom for making this dream vacation possible for me <3 <3 <3

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  1. Tommy

    Sounds fun! Also, I want to thank you, on behalf of a whole lot of people, for reading the Lord of the Rings, Susan Cooper, and others like it.

  2. jen


  3. Soozan

    Im still walking on air and this post keeps me up up up! It was all this and all of it will forever be with us. Gratitude to everyone who made it happen.

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