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A brand-new ailment

Went to the doc today for two reasons.

1) I’ve had a strange red rash on my face for several months; it started around my mouth and has spread all the way to my eyelids. It hurts, itches, and burns; looks raw and red; and has little zitty bumps everywhere.

Doc thinks it’s rosacea — another incurable, chronic, difficult condition to add to my plate. ARGGHHHHHHHHHH.

I’ve had facial flushing for years because of the high-powered vasodilators I’m on for the PAH. Looks like that, plus being a fair-skinned middle-aged woman, is a good enough reason for rosacea to get going.

“Rosacea is a common inflammatory skin disorder that can seriously impair quality of life.”

So now I have an antibiotic ointment: metronidazole. Let’s hope it works, and works fast. This condition is driving me absolutely crazy. I want to claw my face off. I miss my beautiful skin :( :( :(

(The second reason I went to doc is kinda gross. Sorry.)

2) Stomach Issues. My remodulin (for PAH) causes severe diarrhea, so I take tons and tons of Imodium to try to keep things on track. My poor stomach is a battleground. But lately I’ve been feeling just really crummy, like I always feel full, everything I eat makes me bloated and gassy, I feel constipated but then I have diarrhea… etc. Doc says massage my abdomen and skip the Imodium for a few days, then start back up gradually and add Pepto to the mix. So…. I will be in the bathroom 24 hours a day for the next few days I suppose. UGH.

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  1. Soozan

    I’m so sorry sweetie. You may have noticed that my clarinet playing partner has rosacea. If you didn’t notice, well she would be happy to hear that.
    See you in the bathroom. Lol. My work stress keeps me there all day ?

  2. Dawn

    I and my kids have enjoyed your Librivox books very much! First time here and saw this post. Your gut symptoms sound all too familiar as my daughter has struggled with SIBO, which is associated with Rosacea. It can improve via diet and lifestyle. You can learn more at a free resource: We pray you find answers!

  3. Carolyn

    Another fan checking in! – You are my son’s favorite librivox reader. He listens to you every night at bedtime! I’m so pleased you have read so many children’s books. Thank you!

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