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I have a new bed!

I was sooooo comfy on the mattress (Serta Perfect Sleeper) in New York that it made me realize how uncomfy I’ve been on my 8-year-old foam mattress. So my wonderful Mom bought me a new mattress! I like a FIRM mattress, so I chose a Serta Perfect Sleeper Trelleburg II Firm, and I got it from who were having some kind of pre-Black Friday sale and threw in an adjustable bed frame!

It arrived last week on Wednesday. A pair of highly competent and professional delivery men brought it in, set it up, and took away my old mattress.


I’m a hot sleeper. My old foam mattress seemed to amplify and hold my body’s heat so I was always rolling around trying to find a cool spot. The Perfect Sleeper line of mattresses has some kind of cooling gel merged into the top layer, so I’m not noticing that problem anymore. Also it is wonderfully firm and non-bouncy and non-cushiony! I fall asleep best on my stomach, and then I roll onto my side or back in the night. It’s comfy all three ways.

And the adjustable bed frame has changed my life. I have trouble breathing at night now even with supplementary oxygen so I’ve had to build mountains of pillows in order to elevate my head, but it’s hard getting the angle just right. My new bed frame has a wired remote that lets me raise the head of the bed to near vertical, or lower it completely flat, and stop anywhere in between. Amazing!

If I know I’ll have an easy time falling asleep on my side, I can leave the elevation a bit higher than if I’m having insomnia and need to lie on my stomach. And of course it delights Em to be able to raise it up and lean against it when it’s iPad Minecraft Time!

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  1. Soozan

    Ahhhhh, yes, gratitude for every step it took to get this to you, ?

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