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Horrible horrible day. Up at 4:30am to get to UCSF hospital by 6:30am. They wanted to do a TEE (trans esophageal echo), then a heart cath, a balloon occlusion test, and potentially fix my ASD.

So I had general anesthesia while they did all kinds of stuff to me.

Woke up at 11:30 with the world’s worst sore throat from tubes being shoved down it.

Turned out that they couldn’t fix my ASD after all, so it was all in vain.

Lay around in bright busy noisy recovery room for hours in pain, weeping.

Finally got real room around 6pm. Had giant fight to get them to remove all adhesives including IV and monitors. Haven’t eaten or drunk anything but 2 cranberry juice boxes in 26 hours. Still waiting for soup to arrive. Throat hurts too much for real food.

Extreme misery

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  1. Catharine

    Aw, poor you!!!!! Hugs, sympathy, and wishes for things to improve!

  2. Miren L.

    Your reading has helped me calm down and go to sleep almost every day since I discovered you!
    I sincerely wish you a quick and smooth recovery!

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