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Ugh, pt 2

The less said about that hospital visit the better.

Upshot: They can’t fix my ASD. So that’s that — the last possibility for extending/improving my life. I also realized that, even if the implantable Remodulin pump is ever approved by the FDA, I won’t be able to tolerate the operation to install it — so that’s that too.

My throat, which got seriously messed up during the TEE, is starting to feel better and I can swallow real food again.

My body still hurts all over but I can move without actual agony so that’s nice I guess.

The adhesive-itch is still terrible and I’m trying hard not to claw my skin off.

Let’s think about Christmas instead! I’ve been listening to DJ Riko’s Mixmases :)

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  1. jennifer

    thinking of you! glad you’re back on real food.
    yes lets look forward to Christmas. any decorations in your home?
    what about public displays around you? any large community trees?

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