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Christmas Music!

I love Christmas music, all sorts. From traditional to novelty to pop, and (almost) everything along the spectrum, the tacky and the glorious, the beautiful and the silly. (Though I’m not a fan of angelic children’s choirs or goopy harp-filled schmaltz. I’m more an up-tempo girl, I guess.) Right at this moment I’m listening to the Robert Shaw Chorale, “Christmas Hymns and Carols”, which is an absolutely perfect traditional, unaccompanied, non-ornate, SATB choir recording. Here’s a YouTube playlist of the whole recording:

I’ve mentioned Mixmas here quite a few times, and I’m not going to stop mentioning it. Ever.

A gem from Mixmas 2019 is “Every Single Christmas” by JD McPherson. Here’s a live recording:

From tracking down that song, I discovered that JD has a whole Christmas album of original Christmas songs, “Socks”. The official YouTube videos have charming, simple animation and lyrics, which Em really enjoys!

Another favorite this year is “Santa’s Coming for Us” by Sia. This all-star, lip-synced video is so charming! (Wait past the slow B&W intro. It gets good.)

A couple of favorites from last year are a cover of “Rise Up Shepherd” by Twin Bandit and a cover of “You’re a Mean One, Mister Grinch” by Small Town Titans:

I’ll stop for now, and assault you with more of my favorite Christmas music next time! :)

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  1. Soozan

    I’m going to try to remember to spend the year tapping into all of this. Thank you! There is more than The Messiah, though blasting it and sobbing is one of my favorite Christmas things to do.

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