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Tired of this

I couldn’t tolerate the endless relentless nausea so i stopped taking my antibiotics today. I know, i know. But i was only taking them to prevent pneumonia and my cough is starting to get better and I just can’t bear it. So i had a couple of nausea-free hours today which was great.

The nausea is back again now; i suppose my gut flora is still messed up. Please please please let the nausea be gone tomorrow. This is all getting to be more than i can handle. Seriously.

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  1. Jonathan

    That’s awful. I hope you get better soon.
    My mother and a friend of hers have had something that sounds similar to what you’re dealing with. They’re on the tail end of it now.

  2. Soozan

    Kara, my arms are around you always and forever. Nausea is just so awful. Who the hell invented it? Nasty.

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