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March 11

Oops. I disappeared again, huh? I love all the messages you guys send to me! Thank you!

I’ve been having sort of a rough time. I’m so tired. Everything is difficult. Good days are rare.

However, I do have some good days still! And on those good days I make things. I’m still working on my Friesland Blanket, which I started in March of 2017. Here’s a progress photo from last week:

At that point I needed to make six more motifs, and since then I’ve made two so there are only four remaining!

I also finished my beautiful Wildflower Farm Quilt! This one is mine mine mine. I love it so!

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  1. jennifer

    awesome job! they all look great but that blue one!!! absolutely gorgeous! yes we all come to check on you from time to time. we care :)

  2. Lea

    Beautiful work — and my two favorites so far!

    Your site is a treasure, both for your candor and how graciously you share your many talents.

    I found this site years ago to make bead ornaments and have returned many, many times to be inspired.

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