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March 19

Still in hospital. Transferred from keystone cops-esque local hospital to kickass take no prisoners well-oiled machine UCSF hospital yesterday I think. The days are running together somewhat. Anyway UCSF hospital is AWESOME. I am treated with respect and kindness, and, while not actually comfortable, I’m no longer miserable.

I’m not here for Coronavirus. I had a bad unusual headache (not migraine) for a week, then sudden sweats and nausea and not-ok-ness. Marcos and Kirsten and Steve scooped me up and rushed me to ER.

Catscans show a bleed between skull and brain. Surgery tomorrow to scoop about the offending material. Dan will update this blog and tell you if I don’t make it, but I should be ok. It’s a relatively low-risk procedure. Local anesthesia, quick operation.

Then a few more days of hospital observation fun and then home next week I hope!

Have fun being in Social Isolation. Thank you! Please help yourself to my free audiobooks (links at top of page). Good time to teach the kids to play Settlers of Catan or Magic the Gathering.

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  1. Steve

    Hoping you survive! Thank you for everything you’ve read over the years!

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