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March 20

Update: skull surgery cancelled! Unnecessary!

Scan on Sunday showed brain was 11mm off-center. Two days later, 8mm. Scan today shows I’m stable. Had long talk with brain specialist and we agreed that the least risky course would be to watch and wait, with repeat scan in a week.

I’m still in the intensive cardiac care unit for two reasons. One: I have developed a little sniffle and a slight chesty cough so we’re watching me to make sure it’s not the flu. I don’t have a fever and I haven’t been exposed to anybody with COVID-19 so we don’t think it’s that but we’re keeping an eye on it anyway. I’d rather have the flu here than at home!

Also the lunatics down at Washington Hospital skipped my pulmonary hypertension meds for a few days which caused the blood vessels in my lungs to clamp down and I was needing 30 L per minute of supplemental oxygen which is more than they can supply in the regular rooms of the hospital and more than I can get at home so we had to wait until I was on my correct drugs for long enough so that I could get my oxygen requirements down again. Right now I believe I am either at 10 or 15 L per minute so I’m almost there. I’m usually on 6 lpm at home.

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  1. Kate Lum-Potvin

    Hi Kara,
    I came to thank you for your reading of “Miss Mapp,” one of the best and most comforting audiobooks I know for this troubling time. I’m so sorry to find you ill and I hope better news comes your way soon. Sounds like you’re in good hands, at least.
    Take care, and thanks again for your sterling contributions to our pleasure and sanity at this time.
    Very best wishes,

  2. Elizabeth Bronstein

    Hi Kara,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I wonder if you have any idea if the great gifts you have given to the world through your readings for LibriVox.
    We are here in Massachusetts in a voluntary family isolation at home.
    I will keep sending healing prayers your way!

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