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Run, Simon, Run!

Chapter 7 of Over Sea, Under Stone is UP!

Happy Halloween y’all. I hope you can make it special for your kids even if you can’t do proper trick-or-treating this year. Sigh.

Yesterday my therapist and I discussed self-care strategies for Tuesday. I am DREADING election day. I don’t dare hope… and yet I can’t help hoping a little bit. I know I will make myself sick if I sit there refreshing twitter all day. So anyway Suzanne suggested I let myself check twitter/read the news only every four hours, and do some serious distraction the rest of the day. So I am thinking of either starting my Animal Crossing island over from the beginning, or doing a big redesign of my current island (if I can think of a big project). And maybe binge-watching something excellent like Succession. Wish I could play WoW all day. I miss WoW so much.

I have already voted, of course, and dropped my ballot into a secure dropbox, and tracked it to make sure it was received. Everyone in my family did the same. I cannot imagine that there is anyone who hasn’t voted yet — why wait, when it’s so easy and safe to vote ahead of time? So I worry that maybe all the sane people have already voted and that’s why it looks like Biden is ahead and maybe it’s only Tr*mp supporters who will wait till the last minute and he’ll win or it will be a close race and he’ll dig his heels in and everything will be horrible for EVEN LONGER.

As you can see, I have some ***ANXIETY*** about election day. Lol.

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  1. Tommy

    lol, I was able to go to a pumpkin carving party with a few friends. Fortunately, I wasn’t hit with too much of the pumpkin innards…

  2. Vivian

    How are you doing? Thanks for recording Over Sea, Under Stone. I tried a few times to read it to my boys but couldn’t continue. They were thrilled that you’ve started recording it. They’re big fans of yours ??

  3. Kelsey

    I hope you’re doing well these days. It looks like it’s been a few weeks since you posted. My children just started an audiobook by Holling C Holling and love it but it’s the only one he wrote available as an audio. They love your reading of Trumpet of the Swan and Cricket in Times Square. So I popped over to see if you’ve ever done Holling books. I think you’d like them. We read one together as a read aloud but they have more time for listening than I have for reading. ? I do hope you’re doing well.

  4. Una

    Hi Kara – good to see your election fears were unfounded. :) Really enjoying your audiobooks. I was curious about your website because I can sometimes hear birdsong in the background and I was thinking you must live in a beautiful place. Greetings from Ireland!

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