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The Great Gatsby!

When we started LibriVox in 2005, the book I most wanted to record was The Great Gatsby — but it wasn’t to enter the Public Domain until 2021 and I thought for sure I’d be dead by then. (I have survived Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension much longer than anyone expected, yay!)

I started recording Gatsby on January 3rd and finished yesterday, January 16th. I’ve never recorded a book so quickly! It helped that it was only 9 chapters, and that it’s one of my favorite books in the whole world. Fitzgerald’s use of language dazzles me. Elli proof-listened for me, and I pretended I was reading aloud to her as I recorded :)

Here it is! The LibriVox book cover team even used the original “eyes” book jacket, which is exactly what I was wishing for :)

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  1. Catharine Eastman

    And it looks like your recording was first out of the gate to boot! Congratulations – I look forward to listening!

  2. jennifer

    thank you very much!

  3. Danny Larsen

    Kara, thank you for your excellent and timely recording of The Great Gatsby.

    Glen Larsen
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  4. Martin JUCHELKA

    Thank you Kara. Love your reading. Ever considered to read Sam the Sudden or Summer Lightning by P.G.Wodehouse? please do :)

  5. Kevin

    Hey Kayray! Currently enjoying your reading of the Middle Ages! Congratulations on the new book! Looking forward to enjoying your voice some more before I fall asleep, you were blessed with a gift. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  6. Alex

    Thank you Kara. I’m listening to it right now ?

  7. Tim O'Brien

    Thank-you for this amazing recording. I listened to it hanging on every word and it was incredibly joyful, peaceful and beautiful. We had hit a bad stretch of family issues and losses in December 2021 and I found your reading of this book to give me hope and joy.
    I am sincerely grateful and I wish you good health. Your gift to others, like me, during this challenging time for you personally is nothing short of inspirational and gracious.
    Tim O’Brien – Longmont, CO

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