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Good Thing #1

First, I want to thank everyone for the heartwarming comments, texts, and emails! Wow. A lot of people check on me and hope I’m ok, and a lot of people love my audiobook recordings. Wow. Just… wow. Thank you, everyone! <3

If I write something every day, instead of, like, once every 6 weeks, I can tell you about the small Good Things that I discover.

Today’s Good Thing is my current favorite bedtime snack. I always get really hungry just after I turn out my light to go to sleep, so I fix myself a snack ahead of time. My Snack of Choice lately is a sliced green apple and a lump of goat cheese. The tart crunchy apple, the creamy cheese… oh man, my mouth started watering as I typed this!

Since I have no income except my government SSI benefits that are just enough to cover my rent, I also get food stamps, which are not actually stamps anymore, but a handy debit card that is automatically refilled each month, with leftover funds carrying across from month to month. I can buy any kind of food or beverage, but not booze or vitamins. My benefits are nearly $200/month which is more than enough for a single vegetarian-type person who shops are Trader Joe’s. I have enough, after basics, that I can buy myself delicious treats, such as fresh pineapple and the aforementioned goat cheese. Yummy!

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