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I’ve been learning Finnish on Duolingo for the last few weeks. I chose Finnish because Finland is cool and Finnish is completely unrelated to English and German so it’s a real challenge and very interesting! I can already say a few useful things:

minä olen Kara. (I am Kara).

Suomi on hyvä maa. (Finland is a good country)

Hän on velho (She/he is a wizard)

I’ve been watching a Finnish crime drama (All the Sins) with English subtitles and I recognize some of the spoken words, which is thrilling!

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  1. Miren

    I can tell you to say “I am Kara” in Basque, which is an isolate language, not related to any known language historically, although we all are bilingual speakers of either Basque and Spanish (my case) or Basque and French (those who live in France).

    I am Kara > Ni (I) Kara naiz (am).

    It sounds like “Knee Kara nice”. Ni (I) is optional, so that you could say “Kara naiz”

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