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Good morning

I was braced for all the possible 2nd Pfizer Covid vaccine side effects but it’s been easy so far. My arm is slightly sore, and I woke up at 2:30am and never went back to sleep. (Writing this at 6 as the sun comes up) My mom had insomnia after her first vaccine, but I haven’t read of it happening to anyone else, have you?

I have so many side effects from my other medications that it’s hard to know what’s Pfizer-effect and what’s Kara-normal. Are my joints a little more painful than usual? Maybe. Is my stomach a little more funny? I think so (but I can’t define “funny”. Just feels odd sometimes) Mild nausea is par for the course. Coincidence that it happened tonight?

Well, the insomnia is the only bothersome thing and whatever, I’ll just have an extra-tired day. NBD.

The symptoms I was dreading — headache, fever, and unusually crippling fatigue — haven’t hit at all yet and it’s been nearly 22 hours since I got my jab. I expect crippling fatigue today because I got 4 hours of sleep. No problem. I shall Netflix and Nap :)

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  1. Catharine Eastman

    (hugs) I only just got caught up on your blog. Thank you for letting us all know you’re still here! Just letting you know that another person cares about you, is thinking about you, and is wishing you the best. :)


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