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New normal?

Woke up after a good sleep, feeling fine. Ate yogurt, gave Niece her German lesson, played a little Cozy Grove (on both Switch and iPhone). But by 11am I was ready to go back to bed and lie down and wait for bedtime.

What I WANT to do:

finish sewing my wool bliaut (medieval gown)
sew lots of clothes for all my little relatives
knit something (anything)
clean my room
record audiobooks
cook something (anything)

But yeah. What I have the energy for is nothing. Days like this I always worry that this is my new normal. It will be, for certain, one day soon. Is this the day I don’t snap back from?

I realize this sounds like I’m depressed but my mood is actually ok! If this is the beginning of the end, well, so be it. I’ve lived longer than any doctors predicted. I have the world’s coziest bed. A family who loves me. And a DNS proxy so I can watch all the UK tv shows I want.

If I rest for a while now I might have the energy to play a bit of WoW later :)

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