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Thank you, everyone

I’m overwhelmed by the number of thoughtful, caring messages I’ve received, most from complete strangers, after talking about my current bout of depression. Thank you, dearest family, friends, and friends-I-haven’t-met, thank you. You are helping me greatly.

Today was better. i feel on the low end of neutral I guess. I’m not in the Black Pit of Despair. I ate food several times and it tasted like food instead of like sawdust.

Two things that everyone with depression must remember:

1. Depression LIES

2. You won’t feel like this forever

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  1. BRIAN

    Good evening or whatever time of day it might be where you reside. After spending some time searching for an audiobook to enjoy before bed, I had come across your narration of “The Great Gatsby” and was instantly sold. Interest in the field of narration has brought me here and I would just like to thank you for your lovely work.. I hope that the world offers you the same solace that you radiate into the universe. =]

    Love, peace and prosperity

  2. Vivian

    A big virtual hug to you. You are loved by so many. We listen to your recordings and feel like you are a part of our life. Praying that you will find strength and hope even in the pit of despair, and truth amid the lies of depression.

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