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You may ask yourself — how does Kara, a Californian, access all those great UK tv shows? There are three super-shady methods that I employ:

  1. Torrents. I belong to a private torrent tracker with draconian rules but great content and torrents that aren’t dead.
  2. A couple of subreddits offer UK tv shows and are very convenient, if you get to them before the links go dead. Search reddit for a show and episode number, e.g. “Sewing Bee s07e01”. Can stream or download. You’ll have the best luck if searching for shows that are currently airing. (This is the easiest option for the non-technologically inclined)
  3. A DNS proxy. I pay about $6/month for a service that makes it appear that I’m in the UK, so I can watch the MOUNTAINS of streamable content on the iPlayer, channel 4, and ITV. (In the olden days, a VPN did the trick but the hosts got wise to that trick)

I only cried once today so far.

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