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I absolutely love The Great British Bake Off. I’ve been watching since the first season, when a uk friend recommended it (hi Chris!). I’ve downloaded every season and saved them, and have watched them all a million times. Now that the later seasons are on Netflix (look for “The Great British Baking Show”) those are the seasons I watch most often since it’s so easy and I like to watch on my phone while I fall asleep. However, I thought it was time to work the early seasons into the rotation so last night I plugged my Big Hard Drive of Shows into my laptop and started season one again. All the bakers are so familiar. Hi Edd, hi Jas, hi Miranda, et al! Watching ep 2 now as I drift off to sleep…

god i love bedtime. Hooray for bedtime, all hail bedtime, es lebe bedtime (long live bedtime)

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