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Today I felt, I don’t know, better? I didn’t cry at all. I feel lighter. Not in a Pit of Despair. Maybe not exactly cheerful, but heading in that direction. It helps that Spring is finally here, after weeks and weeks of nonstop gray gloom. It was sunny today and yesterday, and warm enough that I can have my window open without needing wool socks and a shawl.

This morning I took Em (niece, age 7) to the craft store for hot glue sticks and air-dry clay. She’s modding a knock-off My Little Pony, clever girl.

Did I mention that we went to the library last week? I got five books, of which three were great and one was readable. Only threw one down in a huff. Lol. Pretty good ratio! The good ones were _The Downstairs Neighbor_ by Helen Cooper, _The Children’s Blizzard_ by Melanie Benjamin, and _A World Beneath the Sands: The Golden Age of Egyptology_ by Toby Wilkinson (not finished with that one yet. It’s dense). I recommend all three!

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