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I feel cheerful today! The birds are singing and the sun is shining. I think it’s really helping my mood that the endless gray gloom is finally gone.

So excited about my upcoming train trip. Ever since February of 2020, when I had the subdural hematoma and BRAIN SURGERY (I still can’t get over the fact that I survived that particular terrifying health crisis. I feel fragile, but apparently I’m tough as an old boot) and then lockdown began while I was getting brain surgery, I’ve only left my room for groceries and therapy appointments. In two days I’ll be on a train seeing something out the window other than a fence and my bird feeder! And then I’ll be with Henry and Jayla and little Lulu (she’ll be 4 in September).

I feel quite safe, covid-wise. Amtrak has a fierce and serious mask policy: if they catch a passenger without a mask, they will eject them from the train and ban them from future travel. No bandanas, no neck gaiters, no masks with mesh or valves. And they have a full fresh-air exchange every 4-5 minutes — that’s the most important safety feature, imho. Plus I’ll be in my own tiny roomette, away from all the other humans.

I’ve already started to pack. I counted out all my medications to be sure I wouldn’t need any refills. To avoid packing fifteen different pill bottles, I put all the morning meds in one bottle and all the evening meds in another. Then I have one more bottle that contains my sildenafil — I take 12 every day so they need their own bottle. I counted out my Remodulin supplies too — I have just enough to get me through my visit with a few days extra just in case.

I think I have enough energy to make something today! What shall I make?

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