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Omg omg omg I’m at the train station! My train is an hour late but that’s ok, I’ll just sit in this big old-fashioned station on this long old-fashioned wooden bench (or maybe on the padded seat of my walker) and watch the other travelers. I can hardly believe I’m GOING SOMEWHERE. Finally. I didn’t think I’d still be able to travel by the time it was safe enough to do so. I wish I could just ride trains back and forth across the country forever. I really love train travel. I love it as much as I hate flying, which is a lot.

A southbound train just pulled up and the bell went clang clang clang. Oh that sweet sound.

The ticket man says he’ll help me get to the correct track when the train gets here. People with disabilities — take the train! Make your reservation over the phone. Tell them you need a downstairs bedroom. If you have a wheelchair, ask for an accessible bedroom. Tell them you need help with your luggage. Tell your sleeping car attendent that you’ll need help when you arrive at your destination. They are happy to help! You just need to ask for what you need.

Here’s me right now in the station!

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  1. Kathy

    I am so happy that you are getting to do this thing that you love to do!

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