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Slept better, felt better, took a walk with Henry and Lulu in the cool damp morning. They live in such a nice neighborhood. A block from the Portland light rail system (The Max), quiet streets, trees and flowers everywhere. So green!

Henry printed out two copies of the Sunday NY Times puzzle and we worked it together, just as we used to when he was a teenager. Our brains are so similar, it’s crazy.

This afternoon I worked on the archive for this blog. When I started it in 2001, there was no such thing as blogging software (blogs weren’t even really a thing yet) and I hand-coded the whole thing in vi. I switched to wordpress in mid-2006 but up to that point everything was in a separate place on our server. Now I have FINALLY gotten all my posts from 2001 to early 2006 added to wordpress here. Click the “archive” link at the top and you can go back in time 20 years. Twenty years, jesus. I was 31. In the spirit of “finished is better than perfect”, the links don’t work because it was too daunting to go through and track them all down. Also there are no photos. You can always see the original posts with links and images by visiting
and then you can make urls for the other pages by simply changing the month and year, e.g. feb05.php

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