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A new pump (maybe)

Last time I got all excited about a new, better subcu pump for my Remodulin (that implantable pump, if you remember), it came to nothing. They kept pushing the release date back and back and back (they promised 2017, then 2018, then 2019, then 2020… and it’s still not out in 2021), plus I realized that undergoing the surgery to implant it would be really difficult because of my severe adhesive allergy. *eyeroll*

But now there’s another new pump coming out, a tiny one, just a lil 2″ circle, and you refill it with pre-filled cartridges instead of pulling meds out of a vial and into a syringe, like I do now. Which isn’t as much of a hassle as it sounds, but it gets tiresome and it would be nice not to.

My doctor is having a meeting about it next week, and it’s supposed to be out by Summer. I mean, obviously I don’t 100% believe this… but maybe! It’s possible! It’s called the Remunity Pump. Look how tiny it is!

The video is funny. It’s one minute of talking about how great the new pump is, and seven minutes of talking about how horrible and dangerous my medication is. Lol.

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