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Purple hair!

I’ve wanted to add some fun color to my hair for a while now, but I really love my natural red-blond, so I decided to try just a single streak to see how I like it. I bought the Cool Tone Sample Pack from Overtone just before I left on my trip to Portland. Today I washed my hair and when it was dry I gave myself a purple streak!

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How cute am I? :D I’m thrilled. It was expensive but there is enough color in each little pot for probably 4-5 streaks, and since I’ve trained my hair to go several days between washes the color should last a long time. The dye goes on like conditioner and smells delicious, like peppermint. No icky chemical smell, and it left my hair soft and shiny.

Thinking about adding a matching streak on the other side of my face…

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