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You know, I think it took a full year for me to recover from my brain surgery. I’ve noticed feeling more like myself lately, in some indefinable way, and on April 1st it had been exactly one year. (It’s easy to remember getting emergency brain surgery on April Fools‘ Day!)

Today I had to run some errands but Em went with me, which made it much more fun. First we went to the UPS place to ship Lulu‘s little summer nightie. Em had brought one of her millions of My Little Pony toys,Twilight Sparkle, and she told me all about her recent breakup while we waited in line :D I love it that her female ponies all date each other.

Then we went to Target for Aspercreme, popsicles (I’m newly hooked on Outshine fruit bars), gold and silver paint, and a new popsicle thing, you know where you pour juice in and freeze it. Got the Aspercreme and paint, but they were sold out of popsicle makers and they don’t carry the Outshine flavors that I like (lemon, lime, and pineapple). So then we went to the dreaded Walmart. Ugh. I had never been there before and it was as ghastly as I’d imagined. No popsicle makers, but they did have lime and pineapple Outshine bars. Why doesn’t either store stock the lemon flavored ones? They both stock watermelon flavor — ewwwwww.

Then we came home and I played WoW for hours. Now I’m all tired out so I’ll watch some UK tv till bedtime. I think there’s a new episode of Bake Off: The Professionals, which isn’t anywhere near as much fun as real Bake Off but it’s pleasant enough.

Package of Outshine fruit popsicles, lemon flavor

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