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Still tired

Slept better last night but still tired from my busy weekend. Now that my brain is healed (shocking how long it took), and I’m fully vaccinated againt Covid-19 (the rona, the round boi) I’ve been feeling like I can probably tolerate a little bit of human company. Not a lot — I still prefer to be alone most of the time — but i thought it might be fun to put my online dating profile back up again.

I didn’t really expect that anyone would be interested in a woman with my physical challenges, but my therapist says I’m a catch so i figured what the heck? Turns out I’m very interesting lol. The men are lining up. So yeah I went on two lunch dates over the weekend! And one the previous weekend! How brave am I? Haven’t met The One yet but having fun looking :D

But yeah. Conversation is EXHAUSTING for ultra-introverts. Need to find a man who is happy just to sit next to me and read or watch silly YouTube videos. If no such creature exists, it’s cool. I’m quite content on my own. But if you know one, send him my way :D

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