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Feeling better today! And yes, since you ask, it does suck to take two days to recover from a couple of lunch dates. Ah well, that’s just how it is when you have PAH.

This morning I went to Fremont to get an echocardiogram done and stopped for a few things at Trader Joe’s while I was there. When I got home I finished sewing two more tank tops, then played WoW for a couple hours.

I think I forgot to mention that my 4 terabyte USB hard drive full of TV and movies died right after I got home from Henry’s. Could read from it but not write to it. Thank GOODNESS I use a backup service! ( They shipped me a drive with all my files on it, and I copied them over to a new drive. I reformatted the old drive, tested to make sure it worked (though of course it’s not 100% trustworthy), and copied everything over to it, too, so I’d have a local backup next time things go funny. And now I am thanking Past Kara so much for doing that, because when I finally got around to plugging the new drive into my Raspberry Pi (an ultra-mini computer with media-playing software on it that connects the USB hard drive to my TV and lets me watch stuff), I discovered that the Pi wouldn’t see the new drive. Not at all.

Did the Pi die? Plugged in the old drive — all good.

Did the new drive go bad already? Did I goof something up? Did I forget a step somewhere? And then I thought of the file system. I compared the two drives: old readable drive was in MacOS Extended (Journaled). New drive was in whatever my laptop chose to format it with: APFS. Hmmmmm, I thought. Well, there’s a difference.

So I reformatted the new drive to match the old drive. Copied a few files over from Old to New, tested — all good! So, now I wait all night for everything to copy over and then it should all work again.

If I hadn’t thought to make the old drive into a local backup, I would have had to request ANOTHER drive from Backblaze and wait ANOTHER week or more for it to be prepped and shipped. Good call, Past Kara! Oh, and thanks for reading all those audiobooks so Future Kara could listen to them. :D

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  1. Vivian

    Yes, thank you so much, Past Kara, for all the recordings! So many enjoyable hours spent listening to them with my kids. Also so nice to hear Little Henry in the older recordings (giggled at how he sweetly interrupted one with “Excuse me, Kayray?”). Then in Beezus and Ramona, it was quite a surprise to hear Grownup Henry.
    Wishing Present Kara all the best!

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