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Compression socks

My doctor mentioned compression socks at our last (online) appointment, to help with my slight edema, so I don’t need to take even more diuretics (Which are horrible. Don’t get me started). Bought a couple of pairs. Oh man. They are LIFE CHANGING! My feet have hurt for my whole life. Wearing my magical compression socks I can stand in the kitchen and cook a meal without foot pain! I’m not hefty, only 125 lbs, but perhaps the blood has always pooled in my feet? I never noticed swelling until recently. But with my heart problems maybe there were circulation issues as well.

The first pair I bought from have a compression rating of 15-25 mmHg which is not super strong. I liked them so much I bought a second pair from which are slightly stronger at 20-30 mmHg. I can feel that they have a little more squeeze, which feels great, but I’d say they are perhaps a slightly (very slightly) lower quality than the Comrad socks. In any case, I love both pairs and wear them all day. I’m surprised that the man-made fibers don’t bother me or make my feet sweaty, but they’re mostly nylon, not polyester, so maybe that’s more tolerable for me.

I recommend compression socks, even if you don’t have any dreadful health issues!

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