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I have a feeling I mentioned Mhairi McFarlane here already at some point but I don’t really remember so I’m gonna say it again — she’s a brilliant author! I just finished another of her novels (in audiobook format) — Who’s That Girl — and it was just so darn good. SO GOOD. Marian Keyes is still my favorite author of Contemporary “Women’s” Fiction but Mhairi (pronounced Vah-ree) is definitely a close second. Her books are fun, but not fluffy.

If you like Marian Keyes, Anna Maxted, or Sophie Kinsella, you’ll like Mhairi!

Very tired day. Didn’t do anything but make cauliflower cheese and lie around. And now it’s 6:30pm. At 7pm I can legally call it “almost bedtime” and tuck myself in with some old Survivor and a bedtime snack, my favorite sliced green apple and goat cheese.

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