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Mom is here!

My mom flew up from San Diego to visit us! YAY! First time we’ve seen her since lockdown. Now I can hear my daily Bach concert in person.

Woke up at 5:30am. So tired all day. I’ve got to get my good 10:30pm-7:30am schedule back again. I do not know what is UP with the early waking ever since my trip to Portland. It’s like my schedule got messed up and refuses to reset no matter what I do.

Tonight I will do the thing my therapist suggested, which is so hard to force myself to do even though it definitely helps. Lol. Silly brain.

It’s easy — just writing down all my thoughts/worries/stressors without reading back what I wrote and with no regard for spelling and grammar.

Ok Suzanne I’m gonna do the thing now.

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