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I finally got around to figuring out Discord, mostly because I had a question about a video game (Cozy Grove) and the developer said the Discord channel would have an answer (which was true).

It’s like modern IRC! So cool! Hmm, how to describe Discord to someone who isn’t familiar with IRC…

Ok it’s an app (and website) that allows you to join “servers”, which are groups of chatrooms (“channels”). For example, the Cozy Grove server has a variety of channels with different topics: “Announcements”, “General”, “New Player Help”, “Screenshot Sharing”, “Bugs”, and many more, plus a channel for each of many international languages so non-English speakers can get help!

In the app, you can be in many servers at once, and hop between them as you please. I’m in the Cozy Grove server, and also one for my WoW guild. Henry has a server, and I made one of my own so I could invite friends in to hang out. There are some fun bots you can invite to your server — I have one called GroovyBot which plays music! You tell it what you want to hear and it searches youtube and other sources, and plays it for you. Or you can paste in a link. Everyone who is in my server (and in the “Lounge” voice channel) can listen to the music together! Henry and I play songs for each other all day while he works. You can also share streaming video by sharing your desktop. Works like a CHARM. Chloe and I watched a youtube video together that way.

I love Discord. It scratches the IRC itch (I was a heavy IRC user, back in the day), and lets me interact with friends and strangers in the way I’m most comfortable — text.

This invitation link should work for one week. Come to my server (Bucklebury) and hang out and listen to music with us in the Lounge, or just chat in the General channel. I’d love to see my blogfriends there!

See you there :) I will probably read aloud sometime if anyone wants to hear! I’ll announce it on twitter if I do.

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