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Medication malarky

This morning I spent an hour on the phone with with Accredo, my specialty pharmacy, because my medication was supposed to arrive via UPS yesterday but didn’t show up.

When I called last week to schedule a refill, they told me a generic has just been released for my Remodulin. Fine. Then they said, oh you need new pumps for the generic. Um, ok… I asked some questions. They really didn’t want to answer, but I persisted. Turns out the “new” pumps are EXACTLY THE SAME as my old pumps. Seriously. Same make, model, everything. But get this:  the pumps originally provided to me are owned by United Theraputics, the manufacturer of name-brand Remodulin.  They will not allow their pumps to be used with generic medication.  No good reason — just pettiness. Probably to make it harder for people to switch from name brand to generic.

So Accredo sent me two “new” (identical to “old”) pumps, which did arrive yesterday. When I unpacked the box this morning and saw that there were no meds or other supplies, I called Accredo and after an hour of being passed from person to person on the phone, I was told that they won’t ship my medication refill until I return the “old” pumps.  They kept saying I “can’t” use the old pumps for the generic and that they’re not allowed to ship my meds until the “old” pumps are returned.  Which is most nonsensical bullshit I’ve ever HEARD. WTAFF. As far as they know, I only have meds through the weekend (I always lie about how much I have left for this very kind of insanity, so I’m actually ok till the middle of next week but they don’t know that so shhhhhhh)

They didn’t send name-brand Remodulin to me because, of course, insurance won’t pay now that there’s a generic. And it’s thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars a month.

Of course no one told me about this. No one told me I wouldn’t get my meds. No one called to say there was a problem. No one called to tell me it was urgent to return the “old” pumps.

They say they’ll COURIER my meds from LA up to me, and eat the cost of name-brand if the “old” pumps haven’t arrived in time (I’m sending them back today), and that I definitely won’t run out of meds. I will LITERALLY DIE if I run out of meds. (Which is why I lie about how much I have left, every time, because they can’t be trusted. This kind of thing happens all the time.)


OK, I’m better now. Lol. Have been listening to music with Henry and GreenMtnGirl in my Discord channel allllll day. Come join us! (link good for seven days, and the I’ll post a fresh one)

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  1. Beth

    Sorry to hear about the medication nonsense! There is so much of it and I am completely in accord about the US medical system.

    Super fun hanging out with you and Henry on Discord! You are both so friendly and comfortable. Encouragement to others to join up.

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