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When Henry was a wee boy, so, like, 20 years ago, we used to get these great audio CDs from the library. They were themed folk music interspersed with narration about the relevant historical era/situation, performed by a husband-and-wife team, Keith and Rusty McNeil (plus some extra musicians). We loved them! Many years later I went looking for them online but all I could find were CDs. Awkward.

A few days ago we were talking about one of their songs (The Work of the Weavers) in our Discord channel so Henry went looking again and found them ALL on Bandcamp! HOORAY!!! Thank you, Keith and Rusty, for joining the digital age and letting us stream your music!!

The collections we’re familiar with are “Colonial and Revolution Songs”, “Working and Union Songs”, and “Moving West Songs”, but my goodness there’s a wealth of others. I highly recommend them, especially for homeschoolers and other permanently curious people! Stylistically they are pleasantly rough and folky — not slick and polished like “Peter, Paul, and Mary” or other commercial “folk” groups. Just right.

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