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I have a feeling I wrote about this already but I really can’t remember and I don’t want to scroll through old posts to find out so here we go again maybe!

I reinstalled good ol’ Words With Friends Classic to play with DF — finally, a sweetheart who can beat me at scrabble! (Occasionally, heheh. And he doesn’t get all butt-hurt that I kick his ass most of the time)

At first I had the app set so that random players could start games with me, which they did, in droves. Interestingly, they were all men with generic Nonthreatening Handsome Guy profile pics and were VERY interested to know my location and marital status. When I didn’t chat back and started mopping the floor with them, they’d mostly disappear. And the ones who didn’t disappear were clearly cheating (the app lets you pay to cheat) because they were playing bizarre, arcane words in non-strategic places on the board. Any real scrabble player knows you NEVER make it easy for your opponent to reach a DW or TW bonus square unless it’s literally your only option.

So I turned that setting off. Sorry, catphishers and scrabble cheats, I am not the girl you’re looking for.

So now I play with my uncle, my sweetie, and my son — all of whom don’t cheat and can beat me some (or all) of the time! My uncle Jack is a master. I don’t think I’ve ever beaten him. The app says I’ve been playing since 2009. If you played back then you’ll remember that it was a nice basic game without all the pay-to-cheat nonsense and silly achievements and all that it has now. But in those days it froze all the time and it doesn’t do that anymore anyway.

f you’re not a cheater and you want to play with me, I’m kayrayovac in WWF Classic (linked in first paragraph)

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