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I’m in the hospital again, tra la la.

This morning my heart started going bananas, my blood oxygen saturation dropped scarily —couldn’t get it out of the 80s— and my BP dropped. Cold sweats too. Called 911, lovely squad of paramedics came and whisked me to the hospital with lights and sirens!

ER doc gave me diltiazem to calm my heart down, and tons of oxygen. Ran lots of tests. They think it was an episode of atrial fibrillation. I feel fine now but my oxygen saturation is still not where it should be and they want to keep me overnight for observation. It’s all good. I have my phone, my charger, and Lily Bear. They gave me a nice dinner of bland vegetarian slop. Hospital food, amirite?

Update: the drugs wore off and now I feel horrible again. Glad they didn’t send me home. It is intensely frustrating to be dealing with this.

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