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I was kinda ignoring the Olympics because I’m appalled that they’re taking place in a global pandemic and I’m pissed off at the general misogyny and racism of the IOC.

But Kirsten asked if I knew how to watch the BBC‘s coverage… and yes, dear sister, I do :D

So I took my laptop out to the living room and we all watched together— men‘s gymnastics, some cycling, some rowing, and a whole lot of skateboarding! It is SO COOL that skateboarding is an Olympic event now! It was super interesting and exciting to watch, so I’m glad Kirst asked or i would have missed it.

Looks like surfing is an event now, too, which should be fun!

I like seeing events that literally any kid can try, regardless of income or parental involvement.

And the BBC‘s coverage is stellar. No ads, almost no goopy Human Interest packages, and there isn’t as much icky nationalism as on US channels. Why, the BBC shows athletes who aren’t British! We saw Egyptian, Irish, and Israeli gymnasts! On US tv you generally only see US athletes (and their Arch Rivals, eyeroll) and events that the US is good at. It’s lovely to get a broader, more international view.

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