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Olympics again

In 2016 I figured out how to watch the BBC’s Olympic coverage and it was astonishingly good. You could watch literally every minute of every event. The commentators weren’t disgustingly nationalistic like the US ones, nor were there endless gross Human Interest packages.

This year I’ve been doing the same thing (thanks,!) but the coverage is sadly lacking in breadth. The commentators are still excellent but only a handful of events are shown. Tons of taekwando, lots of rowing, no equestrian cross-country, no surfing, etc. Did some googling and it turns out that Discovery bought the UK broadcast rights this year (subscription-based, of course) and left the BBC the crumbs. Greedy jerks.

So tonight I set up my laptop to pretend to be in Canada and now I’m watching the excellent CBC coverage — every minute of every event like the BBC of yore.

Equestrian cross-country! YESSSSS!

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