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Chapter 11 of Over Sea, Under Stone:

I found a cool website-and-app today: “Trakt is a platform that does many things, but primarily keeps track of TV shows and movies you watch.”

Netflix and other streamers usually keep track of where you are in whatever series you’re watching, but when I watch stuff on my own hard drive I often have a hard time remembering where I am, especially on repeat viewings, so Trakt will be handy for that. I also like that it displays a list of the shows you’re in the middle of, so you don’t forget to watch the next episode; and it shows what’s airing next, for series that are currently airing; and it allows you to track multiple viewings of the same show/movie. I like DATA.

Pro-tip — when you make your account, add only what you’re currently watching, not everything you’ve ever seen. Otherwise your “up next” list will be all cluttered. I learned this the very hard way.

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