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Tired Day

No new chapter today. Maybe tomorrow.

Didn’t do much today, but I did get started on renewing my passport. Dug out my old passport and discovered that it was issued slightly less than 15 years ago (December 2006, yikes, just under the wire), which means I can renew instead of re-applying, which means I don’t need to send in my birth certificate. Filled in the forms online and printed them. All I need to do now is go to the UPS place to get a passport photo taken, and then send the whole thing in.

Ya never know when you might need to flee the country, and anyway eventually they won’t accept a regular driver’s license even for domestic flights (was supposed to be this year but Covid pushed it to 2023 I think). The DMV will let you apply for a “Real ID” but I figure a passport kills two birds with one pile of bureaucratic red tape.

Watched Women’s Park Skateboarding today. Man! Those little girls can FLY!

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