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Chapter 13

Another chapter of Over Sea, Under Stone! Nearly finished, just one more enormous chapter and a rather lengthy epilogue to go…

Mailed away my passport renewal this morning. I have no idea how long it will take to come back — months, I’d imagine. Luckily I have no international travel plans at present.

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  1. Noel

    Dearest Kara,
    I would like to thank you for sharing your gift of reading aloud with us! We have journeyed through many books with you over the years, beginning, I think, with Heidi when my daughter was 6, continuing through the Melandy Quartet (over and over,) and on to the Secret Garden & many more. And now here we are 6 years later beginning again at Heidi with my 6 year old son. Thank you for filling our home with the warmth of your voice and these lovely stories! As we have been home sick the last 2 weeks your stories have been such a highlight each day. I have meant to write to you many times to thank you. Tonight we finished Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and we just laughed so much our faces hurt! You have allowed us to share these stories together in such a special way that we will remember for all of our lives! So, thank you so very much! You’re real swell!

  2. Rossa

    I’m just now listening to your recording of “The secret garden”, and it’s absolutely amazing, I must thank you for it! When I’ll have finished it I’ll look for something else by you, because now I can’t appreciate anyone else reading :)

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