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My former pulmonologist at UCSF, Dr. Kennedy, moved away, darn it, I liked her. Today I had my first online appointment with my new guy, Dr. Simon. Seems like a pleasant, knowledgeable, caring fellow. I asked if I might be able to switch from my old-school anticoagulant (warfarin) to one of the modern ones (Eliquis), and he said yes! Now comes the fun game waiting to see if my insurance will cover it. I think there’s only a 10% chance they will, because there’s no generic yet so it will cost them much more than what I’m currently using. We shall see.

I’ve had “Your Girlfriend Does” in my head all day and I’m not even mad. Great lyrics. I love an anti-hater song :D

“I get it, you don’t dig it, ain’t no big deal bro, but for real though — your girlfriend does…”

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  1. Jerry Nicholson

    Happy birthday second cousin!

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