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Got nausea? I sure do. Medication side-effect. When Jayla had bad nausea during pregnancy I went looking for something to help her and found I bought some for each of us and WOW they really work! I just got a re-order of three tins of the double-ginger/peach flavor, which is what made me think of blogging them. This flavor is quite intense and gingery, but they have many milder flavors too.

As always, I recommend buying direct from their website rather than supporting the evil amazon empire.

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  1. John Ingersoll

    Just a note to tell you how much I have enjoyed your readings on Librivox. I truly enjoyed Daddy Long Legs and I am now listening to Just William, and look forward to some more. I often search by the reader’s name when I enjoy their work. You are definitely one of my favorites.

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