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Happy but tired

Busy day! Got my flu shot this morning at a quick and easy drive-through event in my doctor‘s parking lot. Then home to tidy my room and pack my overnight bag in anticipation of spending the night at Dave’s new apartment!

Dave showed up about 11:30 and we took Sal and Em to lunch so Sal could get acquainted with Dave — I am so eager to introduce him to everyone in my family! She loves him of course.

Then we dropped Em at home and took Sal to the airport, then went to Dave‘s favorite furniture store in search of a kitchen table and bedside lamps. Found an attractive small table and chairs that will fit into his little dining nook and a couple of fabulous bedside lamps that have an interesting industrial look with copper-plated shade, USB port, and charging mat for newer phones! I didn’t even know my phone could do that. So cool!

He has a big van but we couldn’t fit everything in, so we took the lamps and chairs home first, then went back for the table.

Both exhausted now, so time for dinner and our first sleepover *heart eyes*

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